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The World's Biggest ICO Marketing Company in India

ICO is the future of fundraising stand for Initial Coin Offering. In the ICO, new projects offer newly issued crypto-coin to investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is similar to IPO where a part of company shares are sold in people to get funding. At soft-fix, we help companies to launch their own cryptocurrency. We also offer top-notched ICO development company as coin creation, white paper creation, roadmap generating, token distribution, trading, lending, staking, affiliate page design and development of projects as required.

soft-fix is the top ICO development services which support crowdfunding projects with every service they need. We provide services regarding Logo and Web Designing, User Dashboard, User Wallet, Payment Gateway, Admin Panel, Whitepaper, Wallet Integration, Coin Development, Smart Contract and Coin Transaction History. With this broad array of services, we ensure that ICO projects that we deal in, are prepared through and through. Our aim is to make your project foolproof so it could meet any challenge that may across in this constantly evolving environment.

We Figure Out Your Markets

Learn The Rules

It is essential to learn the preliminary rules before getting in on the act. Adhering to basics and finding new ways to propagate is a rule of thumb.


Know Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is a fundamental rule without which all your efforts go in vain. A thorough research is required for that.


Tell Your Story

It is important to tell your prospective clients about yourself. It helps in building relations and make your proposal credible.


Write a detailed technical White Paper

Instead of praising yourself with hypothetical data, please inform people about real facts and technical details.


Pay for relevant publications

Strategic investment in the relevant sources that advertise your product at the appropriate platform is very important.


Focus on community building

Building a community is another important aspect as people tend to seek advices from communities and go by their words.


ICO Marketing Services

  • Messaging

    Utilizing the apps like Whatsapp to create a buzz among potential investors.

  • Social Media

    Advertising ICO on Facebook and LinkedIn can generate a multitude of investors.

  • PR Promotion

    Promotion on Forbes or USA Today is creating brand awareness with reliability.

  • Paid Marketing

    Paid ads on Google Ad words and other website can create a volume of investors.

  • Display Campaigns

    Banner promotions on Instagram and websites alike also helps in creating a strong Portfolio.

  • Content Marketing

    Posting blogs & newsletters has emerged as a strong medium of building a rapport.

  • Community Management

    Communities like Quora & Bitcointalk can enhance your profile among investors.

  • Influencer Marketing

    This has also emerged as a viable option as there ample chances of multiplying investors.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Probably the most effective way of gaining organic traffic through smart techniques.

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