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ICO Development Company in India

ICO is the future of fundraising stand for Initial Coin Offering. In the ICO, new projects offer newly issued crypto-coin to investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is similar to IPO where a part of company shares are sold in people to get funding. At Soft-fix, we help companies to launch their own cryptocurrency. We also offer top-notched ICO development company as coin creation, white paper creation, roadmap generating, token distribution, trading, lending, staking, affiliate page design and development of projects as required.

Soft-fix is the top ICO development services which support crowdfunding projects with every service they need. We provide services regarding Logo and Web Designing, User Dashboard, User Wallet, Payment Gateway, Admin Panel, Whitepaper, Wallet Integration, Coin Development, Smart Contract and Coin Transaction History. With this broad array of services, we ensure that ICO projects that we deal in, are prepared through and through. Our aim is to make your project foolproof so it could meet any challenge that may across in this constantly evolving environment.

Soft-fix is a top ICO development company in India which ensures the success of your project with flawless strategy and perfect execution.

ICO Development

Conducting campaigns with far-reaching methods and creating awareness about the brands in an efficient way.

Token Development

Developing tokens of different standards with perfect mechanism of security that renders desired results easily.

Community Building

A very means of gaining traction for projects is community. We take an all-embracing approach and reach them.

Cryptocurrency ICO Development Services

Soft-fix ICO development services offers a broader range of solutions such as ICO website development, planning & strategy development, whitepaper creation and ethereum based token development.

Project Plan

Making the strategy is the first step and we focus that it is taken with wisdom. We prepare the entire blueprint and consider all the possibilities before implementing them.

Landing Page

The home page on the website of the project which would draw the attention of the investors. It would convey your idea with the best graphics, interface and theme.

Whitepaper Writing

With a team of seasoned writers belonging to different domains, we prepare a document based on research and analysis. It gives your project a headway into the markets

ICO Website Design

The website designs are prepared in accordance with the idea of crowdfunding. We make sure that it reflects the gist of your project and goes in line with the requirements


An elaborate and well-framed roadmap which gives a clear idea of your vision to the visitor. It also makes sure that you explain the entire chain of events shaping up in future.

Explainer Video Creation

A video created by a team of designers and graphic experts which would represent the project in the best manner. It brings your vision forth with appealing imagery.

ICO Fundraising Dashboard

A dashboard which would help you manage the entire event including each and every phase. It gives you a precise picture of how the campaign is performing at the front.

Token/Coin Development

Creating token/coins which would give your project security, efficiency and speed as well. They are designed keeping your specifications and requirements in mind.

Blockchain Integration

Integrating blockchain in a way that it does not leave any loophole. Embracing the idea of decentralization to its core and making every single activity anonymous.


Pen testing, means computer securities experts use to detect and take advantage of security vulnerabilities in a computer application.

Smart Contract Development

Developing smart contracts with an edge so that they can give robust security to the entire working of the project. Making them a shielf for every user of platform.

PR & Marketing

Using every mainstream and relevant marketing vehicle to make your business idea renown in various circles and communities. Making PR stronger for better results.

Crypto Wallet Development

We provide a wallet which could safeguard your assets from any type of threat. Your users will be able to store their assets without any hassles or compromises.

Airdrop/Bounty Management

Managing promotional events such as Airdrop/Bounty with precise calculations from the beginning so you don’t go through the complex process of calculations.

ICO Marketing Services

We spearhead the entire marketing campaign with perfection and ensure that every medium is producing results. The whole process is planned and executed by experts.