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IEO Development Company in India

IEO is the future of fundraising stand for Initial Coin Offering. In the IEO, new projects offer newly issued crypto-coin to investors in exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is similar to IPO where a part of company shares are sold in people to get funding. At Soft-fix, we help companies to launch their own cryptocurrency. We also offer top-notched IEO development company as coin creation, white paper creation, roadmap generating, token distribution, trading, lending, staking, affiliate page design and development of projects as required.

Why IEO Different From ICO/STO?


Unlike ICOs, IEOs are required to go through a strict screening process in order to get listed on a particular exchange.


The KYC/AML verification process is also handled by the particular exchange to ensure that all the participants and investors are genuine.


IEOs are known to be highly secure, as the exchanges take strict measures to ensure authenticity of the listed projects and to protect against attacks.


IEO Development Services

From creating your website and tokens to listing your IEO on the best exchanges, we do it all.

How We Use Ieo Marketing Strategy For Your Project

To ensure a guaranteed success for your IEO, we back our marketing strategy with strong and carefully devised plans, at all the stages.


In order to give your IEO the exposure and reach it deserves, we start creating the hype even before the project is launched on the exchange. At the pre-IEO stage, we mainly focus on promoting your project on social platforms, press release sites, blogging sites, etc., to prepare the audience for a new, innovative project.


Once your IEO is listed on the exchange and running at full capacity, we make sure to keep the users coming and engaged by constantly interacting with them, answering their questions, telling them about the project, convincing them to invest, etc. via multiple platforms and methods like email, social media, forums, blogs, etc.


Once the IEO sale is completed, your token is ready to be listed on the exchange. We will continue to market your project and token, encouraging potential users to buy or trade your token on the exchange for further increasing their profitability and maximize the return on investments in the long term.

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